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Bradley Surfboards - SOLUTION

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Taken from a high performance shape that was tested by pros we added volume where we could. Its a wide point forward style allrounder. Suited to capable surfers, those maybe lacking fitness and unable to surf every week. Loads of drive and hold and maintains speed with minimal effort. This board is designed for older experienced surfers so the dimensions represent this. If you have one board, this would be it. Classic 80's style beak nose to bring volume forward. Volume under chest and back underfoot make this board very user friendly. Great allrounder and perfect for a one board surf trip.

Moderate single through to very slight double concave.

Performance rocker for modern turns.

Medium full performance rail, refined through tail area for hold with speed.

Slightly fuller outline but keeping a regular shortboard look for performance.

Future and FCS thruster positioned for controlled surfing..

PU Burford blank. Double lapped 4x4x4 Hexcel glass. Silmar polyester resin. Also available in LC6 Cabron laminated EPS construction.

Diamond Fin to generate speed in very small conditions. Pro Hex for bigger waves and Pro Lite for a stiffer feeling.