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OCEAN & EARTH Poly Carbonate 3 Fin - Dual Tab Size Medium - BLACK

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The Ocean & Earth Polycarbonate Fins are a set of versatile fins. They can be used in your normal surfboard or softboard. They’ll also progress your surfing performance compared to your softboard fins. They’re constructed of a stiff strong plastic. So compared to the normal softer fins that come with your softboard when you push on these fins they won’t overflex or bend. You’ll get good drive and your board will maintain direction against the push of the wave. In this way you’ll get longer, faster rides.

A balanced all round fin. Generally used in our softboard series but can also be used as in standard boards for beginners or simply a back up set of fins. Sold in pack of 3 fins.

Ideal Waves: All types but best in beach breaks.

Thruster: Predictable / Control used in the majority of boards ideal in smaller conditions.