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ENVY Holographic Wheels - 110mm - HAND

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Envy Hollow Core 120mm Scooter Wheels - Hologram Hand

Envy Hollow Core Hologram Hand 120mm Wheels come with amazing hollow core technology and these serious wheels are used in the new KOS scooters. The wheels have a 120mm diameter and width of 26mm, while still having a core width of 24mm, which is 2mm more urethane then your average wheel. This allows the wheel to contact the ground better and produce a more grippy and stable ride in a sick Hand Hologram colourway!


Diameter: 120mm
Durometer: 86A
Core Width: 24mm
Urethane Width: 26mm
Core Material: 6061 Aluminium
Bearings: Abec 9

Weight: 291g