Twenty Five Nine Surf : 49 Wilmot Street, BURNIE Tasmania

Island Surfboards - Mini Mal 7'10"

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  • $899.00

7'10" x 22 3/4" x 3" 65lt

Ringa wanted to create a good all-round minimal to suit many people and waves form beginner to advanced.  This board does just that with the perfect balance of good paddling, great wave catching ability and plenty of performance. 

The double concave runs the entire length of the bottom for lift and the vee tail provides rail to rail maneuverabiity. The increased (high) tail also helps the responsiveness of this board and the lowish entry rocker guarantees speed and easier paddling.

Ideal in smaller beachies and reefs in the 1-4 ft range this higher specced mal is very versatile and is great for the beginner to advanced surfer. Great learning, progressing or all day, smaller day fun waves.