Twenty Five Nine Surf : 49 Wilmot Street, BURNIE Tasmania

MANTA - Phantom 40" Bodyboard - RED

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Manta Phantom PE Bodyboard (Available In Store Only)

The Manta Phantom PE Bodyboard is Manta’s design to get you started and boarding fast. It incorporates many advanced features so Beginners and Intermediate surfers can have fun and charge. The shape is flatter so it’s fast. You can catch waves and make sections easily. The core is PE which has a good responsive feel on the wave and it has good memory. This means it returns to its fast shape even after carving hard. To add strength and further retain shape the Phantom has 2 internal stringers. These also help your riding. As you carve bending the board into the wave then change direction you get recoil energy as the board springs forward.

The Manta Phantom PE Body Board has an XPS slick on the bottom that gives you high speed. It incorporates channels aiding in water release and bite when on steep faces. There’s nose bulbs so you get good grip and the board comes with the Manta Leash plug installed. So you’re all ready to go.