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LOST MAYHEM Rad Ripper 5'11" x 20 1/4" x2 7/16 x 33L FCS II

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RAD RIPPER is the latest in Lost's 'Post Modern Retro' collection. A direct spin off from the Retro Ripper, but scaled for small, sub-par, every day surfing.

Starting with the Retro Ripper, I lowered the entry rocker a bit (for fast paddle, early entry, easy glide and quickness out the gate), and replaced the speed controlling round tail with a wide, planing squash tail. Lots of lift and surface area for small surf. As a child of 8's surfing, I've always been enamored by the ease of use from that era's performance short boards.

The RAD RIPPER retains a noticeably healthy amount of tail rocker, cut through by an aggressive double concave, adding even more lift and squirt under the rear foot. Super-fast, forgiving, user friendly retro fun, featuring modern updates and improvements, suitable for almost anyone. Highlighted features include:

Flat, stable deck, with steep, low apex, tucked soft rails.

Slight vee in nose (to free up the low rocker) into a shallow single concave, into a deep double concave vee, for both speed and control.

Wide, stable squash tail, glides across anything, and holds speed through turns, even in small summer slop.

Forward thickness flow, with wedged 'beak' nose, for drive and paddle -ability.

The Lost Rad Ripper is perfect for everyday surfing in waves from 2-5ft. It is fast and forgiving and glides across flat sections with ease, making it a great board for almost anybody. It has most recently been seen under the feet of Rasta Robb launching some incredible airs at Lakey Peak for the Vans Stab High Indonesia sessions.


  • Lower entry rocker [for fast paddling and early wave entry]
  • A wider squash tail
  • Single to deep double concave [for seed and control]
  • Thickness is pushed forward with a beak nose
  • Flat deck
  • Softer rails