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O&E Happy Hour PU 6'6 Surfboard - MULTI

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Designed for both fun and performance with an outline, bottom curve and evenly proportioned thickness all combining  to make wave catching and maneuverability a breeze. A narrower tail shape and fuller nose combine to create an exceptionally versatile board added to a combination of many potential fin setups takes this board to an even higher level of performance.



DIMENSIONS:  6'6" x 21 3/8" x 2 3/4"


OUTLINE:  Narrower pin tail for performance. Wider nose area for easy paddling. 

ROCKER:  Minimal rocker for easy paddling to catching waves. 

DECK: Polished Glass

BOTTOM: Polished Glass

FINS (SUPPLIED) : 1 x 8" PU centre fin

                                2 X 3.5" PU side fins

FINS BOX : Side Fins = Single Tab x 4 Futures (single tab)

                   Centre Fin = 10" Box