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Sacrifice Scooters Complete Flyte 115 NEO CHROME RAINBOW 3kg

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The flyte 115 Series has been designed specifically for those that demand the best, but require a lighter, wider set-up. The flyte 115 series deck is 115mm wide hence the name, and has variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. 
The flyte 115 series complete scooter incorporates their new IHC system with the Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and the Nutron 2-bolt collar clamp. It comes complete with slick new Delta-Core wheels, Hyper Bearings, Grippy-Grip, and the trusty S-Grips. 


- Sacrifice Flyte series deck (115mm wide)
- Sacrifice Cyborg forks 
- Sacrifice Nutron 2 bolt Clamp 
- Sacrifice Alloy Bars - 610mm High x 560mm Wide
- Sacrifice Delta core 110mm wheels 
- Sacrifice Hyper bearings 
- Sacrifice Grippy Grip 
- Sacrifice S Grips IHC Compression