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SPITFIRE Formula Four Radial Slims Wheels 52mm GREEN

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Spitfire Formula Four Radial Slims Venomous 53mm 101a Skateboard Wheels. The 101a Radial Slim to give you more lip to lock on the the coping better and give you a consistent all round skatepark wheel to rattle off endless flip tricks. The Radial Slims provide more contact patch so you will have more grip to hit features faster. The even radial edge offers a stable, solid roll over the coping and click on for longer, more steezy grinds. The 101a Durometre performs fasters and lasts longer for skatepark shredding!

Wheel Size -  The 53mm size is a great all round street and park size to hold speed in the flats and give you good momentum in small transition, while still offering a very quick and predictable pop to really dial in your flip tricks. A great size for average to full sized humans to flip and grind all the street and park features. 

Wheel Shape / Profile: Radial Slims - Very similar to the OG Classics the Radial series have a smaller radiused corner producing a flatter wheel side and a wider contact patch in relation to the width of the wheel. The Radial slims are around 3mm narrower than the regular Radials. A little more lock and a little less slip than the Classics. 

Urethane - Formula Four 99A: Spitfire released their new Formula Four wheels a few years ago now. The latest formula was designed for higher abrasion resistance. This means it is a little harder to flat spot. Formula Four 99A wheels are generally decorated with a blue themed graphic. Unless of course it is one of the signature wheels. The signature wheels feature artwork custom designed for each rider. 99A is considered a softer wheel in the modern skateboarding scene. They are still very hard. The 99A formula will provide a little more grip on super smooth surfaces and is a little more forgiving to ride on rougher surfaces.. 

Bearing core -  Center-Set so you can reverse the wheel to save the graphic and help get longer life out of your wheels as you can rotated them so they burn down evenly.