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XCEL Axis Flatlock 3/2mm BLACK

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Xcel's Axis 3/2mm Back Zip Flatlock Steamer packs some decent warmth without busting the bank. A great suit for warmer climates and diving in more tropical-esque conditions as the high-stretch neoprene will give you decent freedom of movement. As this suit employs a flatlock stitch it will not be as effective against cold water as a sealed suit but for conditions whereby wind is the main factor of cold you'll be toasty in this suit. Get the non-biased run through on seams here.

With this in mind we regularly suggest the Xcel Axis to surfers and divers in warm climates and for all surface water sports, almost ignorant to water temps.  So if you're a sailor, paddler, boaty or into canyoning then you'll enjoy this suit.

Japanese Limestone Neoprene is used in the Xcel wetsuit range and helps us become less dependant on oil for the production of the 'rubber' component of your wetsuit. Aside from the environmental consideration it is suggested that using limestone derived acetylene creates a smaller cell structure which in turn creates more warmth, stretch and takes on less water, so better in every regard, but you can learn more about this here. 

Xcel Mens Axis 3/2mm Back Zip Flatlock Steamer Features:-

  • Performance Stretch Neoprene: As an entry level suit you can't expect the warmest an stretchiest suit but within the lower price range you'll be pressed to beat it. 
  • Flatlock Stitch: The most durable seam - learn more about seams here
  • Back Zip: Easy to put on but minimal elongation - learn more here.
  • Dura-flex Knee Guards: Heavy-duty woven fabric that protects your knees against cracks in the board and rocks/sand in your wax.
  • Engineered Fit: By considering human physiology Xcel have minimised the number of seams on the suit which in turn increases stretch.