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XCEL Radiant X2 LTD 4'3mm BLACK

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Xcel's Mens Radiant X2 Ltd 4/3mm Chest Zip Steamer is just another one of Xcel's wetties stacked with features that make it a high-quality surfing wetsuit. Fantastic water sealing is achieved in the triple GBS and taped seams, as well as the wrist and neck seals. 

Japanese Limestone Neoprene is laid up with a combination of taping and glue-reinforced seams creates a superior level of stretch and insulation. The stitch-free power seam [taped] has no stitching, obviously? But this means the potential stretch is not limited by the stitching and you'll see that they've used this seam throughout the high stretch areas such as your paddle zones, where it really matters.  To further limit the entrance of water into the suit has dry-lock seals around the wrist to keep them tight and snappy throughout the wetty's life and a similar system exists around the ankle with their Nexskin ankle seals.  If you want to see these features in action check out the video below! 

To get the most out of your Xcel Mens Radiant X2 Ltd 4/3mm Chest Zip Steamer we recommend washing it with the Australian made Wetsuit Wash and reading our Wetsuit Maintenance Guide


Xcel Mens Radiant X2 Ltd 4/3mm Chest Zip Steamer Features:

  • Japanese Limestone Neo/Nanoprene: Lighter, Softer and Warm with all the eo-friendly properties that make it the supreme ‘prene.
  • Celliant Black TDC Upper Body: a smart fibre sourced from Celliant Textiles, this material integrates minerals and complex fibre structure to increase the overall warmth of the internal lining of the suit- keeps your vitals warm, basically...
  • Plush Thermo Lite Lower Body: Polyfleece lining keeps your vitals dryer therefore warmer.
  • Engineered Fit: Neoprene that feels like a second skin.
  • Smoothskin Chest: A coated lining is laid around the torso as to reduce windchill. Smoothskin is hydrophobic and repels water, making it dry, even in the water!
  • Triple Glued and Blind Stitched Seams: A non-penetrating stitch that is reinforced and sealed by three layers of glue, this results in a highly mobile seam that doesn't let water in. Water based glues used here are more eco-friendly than traditional glues. Get the rundown on seams here.
  • Taped Seams: Rubberised tape laid over seams to increase durability and seal.  When stress is created around a seam it is applied to the tape because the tape is less stretchy than the surrounding neoprene.
  • Glide Skin Collar: Not just comfortable on the skin, this design creates a watertight seal.
  • NexSkin Wrist Seals: Used to minimise flushing in turbulent water.
  • Back Knee Flex Grooves - Behind-the-knee cutouts for maximum flexibility.
  • Semi-Dry Chest Zip w/ Magnetic Closure: Chest zips are the way to go if you want superior flexibility only afforded by continuous neoprene panels. Learn more about enclosures here.