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XCEL Water Inspired PR Glapagos Rash Top - BLACK/BLUE

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Ocean Ramsey Water Inspired Rashvest

PERFWet/Dry Performance

Premium 6oz 4-Way Stretch

ECO-Friendly Dope Dye

Cool Comfort

UVA/UVB Protection 98%

The Story of Dolphins - Keep Them Wild

“The design of the dolphin print was inspired by a photo of a wild Hawaiian spinner dolphin pod taken by marine conservationist @JuanSharks of O’ahu. Extremely intelligent, playful beings, dolphins have strong social bonds, advanced sensory systems and use a larger percentage of their brains than humans do. They are also crucial to the earth’s food web. Unfortunately, in some areas of the world, these gentle creatures are being killed because they are seen as competition for food by fishermen, accidentally caught in longline fishing nets, or captured to perform for tourists in marine parks. You can help keep them wild and free by avoiding longline-caught seafood, single-use plastics, which are often ingested by dolphins and other marine life, and not supporting captivity for entertainment. By wearing these pieces you can be a reminder of the importance of these incredible animals to the health of our oceans. Mahalo (thank you) for helping us raise awareness.” – Ocean Ramsey